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World Fusion

High-energy, mostly instrumental music from Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, India, Canada, Africa, Latin America, and any place else fusion is happening.

Songs About Feeling Bad that make you Feel Good

Fresh Irish and Scottish Celtic Comedy

The St. Patrick’s Day Special. Delight your friends who’ve heard Paddy And The Barrel too many times. Also great for your Monday morning commute.

Celtic on Repeat 

Smooth, energizing, mostly instrumental music you will enjoy hearing time and time again. 

Celtic Adrenaline Rush 

Cheaper than coffee and healthier for your brain. Road-tests between Salt Lake City and Nevada have proven this energy-packed polyrhythmic music will keep you wide awake while driving. 

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CONCEPT ALBUMS make excellent playlists!

The Beatles’ “White Album” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” are examples of great concept albums best enjoyed from start to finish, rather than chopped up in various playlists. Likewise, here are two Charmas albums you can enjoy like a playlist. Click Spotify Heart Symbol to Save.

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You can also use Spotify to binge-sample your favorite songs and tunes. For example, have fun comparing all these interesting variations of a single work performed by different artists…

She Moved Through The Fair (Irish or Scottish love ballad)

Spancil Hill (Irish-American immigrant’s ballad)

The Auld Triangle (Irish prisoner’s lament)

The Maple Leaf Forever (Canada’s original national anthem, before Oh Canada)

Pipeline (classic surf rock first recorded by the Chantays)

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