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Would you pay $4.99 for a GREAT Celtic music album that’s DIFFERENT from anything you already own?

YES!! Please Show Me the DOWNLOAD BUTTON!

Is This CHEAP MUSIC On YouTube?

Fun Song!! I’m Ready to PLAY IT IN MY CAR!

…(both) albums…exceeded my already high expectations.” – Ted Burke, owner of The Shadowbrook Restaurant

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Is Charmas on Spotify?

Yes! You Can STREAM this Music for FREE

That’s one reason Charmas has dropped our download prices.

Also, to help our bandleader

replace her stolen 1880’s Violin.


“Not many Scottish/Irish/Celtic bands…compose original songs …in the traditional style…” – read full AmeriCeltic Review

Ever Heard of TradConnect?

Tony Lawless says in his press release for Stark Raving Celtic, “…long-lasting appeal for all ages and types of Celtic music fans.”

Here are some handy AUDIO PLAYERS

At the bottom of each, Click ARROW to hear samples, TRACK LIST to see all the songs, and SHOPPING CART to start DOWNLOADING MUSIC

Songs of the Sea Ranked #12 in 2017 by San Francisco Classical Voice

Don’t have $4.99? How About Just $0.49 for a Single?

(Some jokers call this The Scotsman’s Special 🙂 )

Okay, the Players confuse me, but I’M READY TO BUY!

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