Charmas Celtic Repertoire


Lively/Danceable Celtic  Folk Songs

Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel

Boys of Bedlam (trad)

Braw Sailing (Old Blind Dogs)

Dirty Old Town

Fairytale in New York (The Pogues)

The Irish Rover (trad)

Jolly Roving Tar (trad)

Leavin of Liverpool (trad)

Lukey’s Boat Song (trad from Newfoundland)

Nancy Whiskey

Rambles of Spring (Tommy Makem)

Rocky Road to Dublin (DK Gavan for Harry Clifton English Music Hall 1800s, now trad slip jig)

Roddy McCorley (Etha Corbey arr Kingston Trio)

Star of County Down (trad)

Step It Out Mary

Whiskey in the Jar (trad)

Willie’s Gone Awa’  (trad)

Slow Danceable Songs

Black Velvet Band

Bonny Earle of Moray (Old Blind Dogs)

Brains SA (Jim Powell)

Green Grow the Rushes O’ (trad, turns into reggae)

I Can Hew (trad)

Tunnel Tigers (Ewan McColl)

Singalog Pub Songs

ABC Sea Chanty

The Auld Triangle (trad)

Bare Legged Joe (trad)

Barretts Privateers (Stan Rogers)

Big Strong Man

Blackbird Getup (trad)

Blackjack Davy (trad)

Blow the Man Down (trad)

Bonnie Ship to Diamond

Bully in the Alley (trad)

Captain Kidd

Cod Liver Oil (trad)

Drinkin That Wine (tradP

Dublin in the Rare Old Times

Farewell to Carlingford

Farewell to Nova Scotia

Fathom The Bowl (trad)

Fiddlers Green

Fields of Athenrye

Foggy Dew

Four Green Fields

Green Grow the Rushes O’ (Irish version)

Green Grow the Rushes O’ (Scottish version)

Greenland Whale Fisheries

Gypsy Rover

He Back She Back (trad)

Holy Ground (trad)

Jock Stuart

Jug of Punch

Mickey Dam

Mingulay Boat Song (Hugh S. Roberston, 1939, with bagpipes)

Molly Malone

Morning Glory

Mount and Go

Old Woman of Wexford (trad)

Once I Loved

Paddy Lay Back

Plains of Waterloo

Roll the Woodpile Down (trad)

Rolling Down to Old Maui

Row On

Smuggle the Tin (trad)

South Australia

Spancil Hill (trad)

Spanish Lady

Sugar in the Hold (trad)

The Golden Vanity

The Mermaid

The Moonshiner

The Parting Glass (trad)

The Ploughman (trad)

What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?

Whiskey and Beer

Wild Colonial Boy

Wild Rover (trad)

Yangtze River (trad)

Celtic Rock

If I Should Fall From the Grace of God (The Pogues)

The Sickbed of Chuchulainn (The Pogues)

Folk Rock

Bluenose (Stan Rogers)

Canol Road (Stan Rogers)

Mary Ellen Carter (Stan Rogers)

Whiskey Before Breakfast (trad)

Tragic Ballads/ Folk Songs

Annan Waters (arr. Nic Jones)

Dawning of the Day (Raglan Road)

I Wish My Love Was a Red, Red Rose

Banks of the Sweet Dundee (trad)

Celtic-American Nostalgia

Danny Boy (trad)

Christmas In the Trenches  (John McCutcheon)

Galway Bay

My Wild Irish Rose

Tu Ralu Ralual

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling


Crossing the Bar

I Wandered By A Brookside (Eva Cassidy)

Last Rose of Summer

Skye Boat Song


Bloody Well Dead

Finnegan’s Wake (John Durnal, 1850s)

Sir Froggy’s Christmas (Elise MacGregor Ferrell)

Paddy In the Barrel/The Sick Note (Pat Cooksey)

Three Wee Kings (Elise MacGregor Ferrell)

Toe Tapper (trad)

Risque Humor

Captain Jasper

The Chandler’s Shop

Don’t Pet the Dog

Gentleman Soldier

The Lily

The Main Royal Yard

Nine Times A Night

Seven Drunken Nights

Two Magicians



Barrowburn Reel

Bird in the Bush

Boys of Malin

Bus Stop Reel (Anita Anderson)

Castle Kelly

Come West Along the Road

Concertina Reel

Congress Reel

The Conspiracy (Joanie Madden)


Cup of Tea

Drowsy Maggie

Dunmore Lasses

Earl’s Chair

Father Kelly’s 1,

Glass of Beer

Gravel Walk

Green Mountain

Humors of Westport

Jackie Coleman’s

Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie

Joe Cooley’s Reel

Julia Delaney


Lady Anne Montgomery

Lady Mondagreen

Maggie’s Pancakes

Maid Behind the Bar

Merry Blacksmith

Miss McLeod’s

Miss Monaghan

Morning Dew

Musical Priest

Otter’s Holt,

Over the Moore to Maggie

Paddy on the Landfill

Paddy on the Turnpike

Pigeon on the Gate



Sailing into Walpole’s Marsh

Sailor’s Bonnett

Sally Gardens

Ships are Sailing

The Scholar

Silver Spear

Sligo Maid

St. Anne’s Reel

Star of Munster

Swallowtail Reel

Sweeney’s Buttermilk

Swinging on the Gate

Tam Lin

Tommy Gunn’s

Toss Feathers in D

Toss the Feathers in Em

Wind that Shakes the Barley

Wise Maid

Woman of the House

Woodchopper’s Reel


Irish Jigs

Black Rogue

Blarney Pilgrim

Cleveland Park

Cliffs of Moher

Club Ceili

Connaughtman’s Ramble

Cook in the Kitchen

Donnybrook Fair

Dusty Windowsills

Farther Away (Yung, arr Matt Johnson)

Frieze Britches


Geese in the Bog

Haste to Wedding

Haunted House

Humors of Ennistymon

Irish Washerwoman

Jerry’s Beaver Hat

Jump at the Sun

Kesh Jig

Kilavil Jig

Langstrom’s Pony

Lark in the Morning

Lilting Banshee

Long Note/Single Jig

Maid on the Green

Merrily Kiss the Quaker




My Darling Asleep


Off She Goes

Out on Ocean

The Price of My Pig

Rambling Pitchfork

Road to Lisdoonvarna

Rose in the Heather

Ships in Full Sail

Sixpenny Money

Slieve Russell

Smash the Windows


Tar Road to Sligo

Tenpenny Bit

Wards Jig

Willie Coleman’s


Irish Slip Jigs


Drops of Brandy

Elizabeth Kelly’s

Fig for a Kiss

Kid on the Mtn

Swaggering Jig

Celtic Hornpipes

Boys of Bluehill

Chief O’Neills Favorite

Cork Hornpipe/Harvest Home


Flowing Tide

Off to CA

Rights of Man


Staten Island


Celtic Polkas

Ballydesmond 1

Ballydesmond 2

Ballydesmond 3

Britches full of Stitches


Dennis Murphy’s

John Ryan’s

Maggie in the Wood

Many’s a Wild Night

Peg Ryan’s

Mhairi’s Wedding (trad polka, w/ bagpipes)




John Doherty’s



Dennis Murphy’s


Old Timey Irish

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine

June Apple

Kitchen Girl

Red Haired Boy

Soldier’s Joy

Star of Cty Down

Whiskey Before Breakfast


Scottish/Scot Canadian Reels

Bear Island (Ed Reavey)


Flowers of Edinburgh

High Road to Linton

MacDonald’s (?)

Maudabawn Chapel (Ed Reavey)


Scottish Reels

Raivlin Reel (Barbar McOwen)

Trip to Pakistan (Niall Kenny)


Scottish Jigs


Dougald’s Favorite

Graham’s Delight (Lauren McCall)

I Buried My Wife and Danced On Her Grave

June Jig


Morag-Haig Thomas (Donald Riddell)

 Non-Standard Fast Tunes

The Roseville ( Altan)

Porcupine Bit (Wanda Downtown)