Traditional Celtic Music

Screenshot of Charmas Trio Singing The Mermaid at UICC
Watch The Mermaid

Charmas Trio specializes in performing “Top 40” Irish pub songs, traditional Scottish ballads, sea music, instrumental Celtic music, comedy songs, and American Roots music. Click to hear Aaron sing traditional ballad Raglan Road on KPIG Radio in 2016, Ewan McColl’s song Tunnel Tigers, or admire beautiful roses while hearing Aaron sing I Wish My Love Was a Red Red Rose. (Scroll down to find videos of more Charmas Trio performances.)

Various guitarists/vocalists who rotate in with Charmas’ core band (see photo below), occasionally give the band a different sound and feel.

Slow Celtic Medley with Slideshow

By adding bass and drums, Charmas transforms medleys of traditional music, like their Dans En Dro Reel Set, into Celtic Rock, and covers popular Celtic rock songs, like The Proclaimers’ song 500 Miles. At special holiday shows, the full band often features various special guests – including Richard Dwyer, here heard with Charmas on KPIG radio, singing Solas’ Celtic rock song Newry Highwayman and traditional Irish song Whiskey in the Jar 

Both the Full Band and Trio perform Sea Music, which is the genre of Charmas’ first full-length album, Songs of the Sea.

Jack O'Neill For CDBaby Graphic With Text and Logo
Watch Jack O’Neill’s Memorial Surf Ballad

Celtic Repertoire Heading for Website


Behind the Scenes
Screenshot of Aaron singing Danny Boy at Angelicas
Danny Boy at Angelicas 2016
Screenshot of What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor
What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?
Screenshot of Titanic Set
Titantic Set (Irish tunes from the movie)
Screenshot of Irish Polkas at Angelicas
Irish Polkas with Tell Me Ma

AaronandEliseBW KKUP duo performance 2016

Hear Aaron and Elise live on KKUP performing Four Green Fields (Tommy Makem, introduced by Seamus Heaney’s poem Requiem for the Croppies) and Bluenose (Stan Rogers).

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